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Mastering the Korean Skincare Routine for Day and Night (Comprehensive Guide)

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When it comes to your skincare, it is hugely important to maintain a proper routine. No product can work instantly after one appliance. Your skin does not work that way.

If you have been struggling with creating a Korean skincare routine, don’t panic. In this article, we’re gonna explain how to craft the perfect beauty routine for both day and night.

Let’s dive into the world of Korean skincare and bring out the best of your skin!

How Korean Skincare Routine Differs From Regular Method

Compared to regular skincare routines, which can sometimes be a little heavy-handed on the skin’s natural strength, Korean skincare routines typically have a much gentler approach. These routines focus on water-based products to prevent excessive loss of your skin’s essential natural oils. 

In turn, this helps nourish the skin without necessarily causing damage or putting additional pressure on your skin; as a result, many people find that this unique approach can lead to less skin damage and enhanced strength in the long run.

But, how can you create an effective routine for your skin’s health and vitality? Well, the following steps may help you determine a suitable approach.

Start by Identifying Your Key Skincare Concerns

Before we go any further, we strongly recommend you consider your key requirements for your new skincare routine. Everyone faces many different skincare challenges, and understanding these could help you pick the ideal approach for your skincare.

#1 Determine Your Skin Type

First, determining your skin type is essential when building a Korean skincare routine. Critically, you should start by considering whether you have oily skin, dry skin, or combination skin, as this will strongly influence your approach.


Korean Skincare Routine for the Day


For instance, Korean skincare for normal skin and combination skin can be highly effective thanks to the limited oil loss these routines cause. Meanwhile, Korean skincare products for oily skin can help restore a normal, natural balance without over-stripping your skin’s natural oils.

One key benefit of Korean skincare products is their focus on a more gentle approach, making them a great option for sensitive skin.

#2 Outline Your Skincare Goals

Once you have worked out which skincare type you have (which will significantly influence the type of products you use), you will then want to consider the exact goals of your skincare routines. K-beauty skin care can help with many common issues, including redness and rosacea, fine lines and wrinkles, clogged pores, dull skin, acne, and more. 

Knowing your goals can help you select the optimal Korean skincare products for your needs. This can help you get more from your day and night routines compared to a generic approach.

Korean Skincare Routines for the Day

Your skin experiences a wide range of challenges during the day, so ensuring you have the ideal daytime skincare routine is incredibly important. Luckily, this is something that an effective Korean skincare can help with, provided you’ve taken the necessary steps to tackle some of the main daytime challenges your skin will likely face.

One of the most prominent daytime challenges is exposure to UV light. As such, you must ensure your routine includes sun protection with an SPF of at least 30.

Step #1: Wash Your Face with Pure Water

Many of us wash our faces when we first wake up to help energize us and prepare us for the day. This is undoubtedly crucial to help remove any impurities and contaminants that may have settled on our skin overnight.


Korean Skincare Routine: Step 1 - Wash Your Face

However, all too often, most of us wash our face with harsh chemicals first thing in the morning to help us wake up. While this will usually help remove any nastiness that is stuck on our skin, it will invariably also remove oils from your skin and potentially cause damage.

As such, we recommend that your first step should be to wash your skin with cold, pure water and with only gentle cleansers if needed.

Step #2: Apply Toners

Once you have rinsed your skin, apply a toner as the next step to hydrate and protect it. Gentle, natural toners can help balance your skin’s pH, reduce the risk of damage, and protect the skin in preparation for the next steps of your skincare routine.

Ideally, when looking for the perfect daytime toner, look for a product infused with ingredients that help nourish the skin, such as vitamin C or B5.

Pink Terra’s top recommendations:

  • Cosrx Centella Water Alcohol-Free Toner
  • Haruharu Wonder Black Rice Hyaluronic Toner 
  • Anua Heartleaf 77% Soothing Toner 
  • Step #3: Use Serum or Essence

    When we talk about serums and essences, we are referring to unique and gentle skincare products that are often infused with a blend of high-quality, skin-nourishing ingredients (mainly a combination of gentle vitamins and minerals) to help soften your skin and ensure it is hydrated and moisturized. 

    These products can be used throughout the day whenever your skin feels dry. However, if you have applied makeup, this may be less practical; as such, it’s potentially more effective to apply it now during your morning skincare routine.

    Serum mists are generally the easiest to use, as these are simply applied in a delicate mist to your skin; however, it is also possible to get serums applied by the drop and massaged into the skin to provide an additional layer of protection and hydration. Serums are often more concentrated than mists, so they may be better suited for use in particularly dry areas that require extra pampering.

    Pink Terra’s top recommendations:

  • COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence 
  • Beauty of Joseon Ginseng Essence Water
  • Mixsoon Soondy Centella Asiatica Essence  

  • Step #4: Moisturize Your Skin

    Once your skin has absorbed all of the excellent vitamins and minerals from the serum or essence, you’ll next want to apply a moisturizer to help lock in all of these excellent benefits. 

    The type and amount of moisturizer you’ll need will depend on your skin type. If your skin is naturally oily, you may need less moisturizer since the natural oils serve as an almost unbeatable solution to help keep your skin supple. However, if you have normal or dry skin, moisturizers can often prove an excellent solution, helping prevent excessive moisture loss from your skin during the day.

    Pink Terra’s top recommendations:

  • Beauty of Joseon Dynasty Cream
  • Buy Mixsoon Bean Cream Online 

  • Step #5: Apply Eye Creams and Serums

    One of the core goals of an effective morning skincare routine is to ensure that you feel fresh and ready to face the day ahead. However, puffy, sleep-riddled eyes can make that feel incredibly difficult! 

    Fortunately, plenty of excellent eye creams and serums can help moisturize your under-eyes and reduce puffiness while protecting this delicate skin. These super products can offer an ideal solution to help you feel ready to face the day.

    Pink Terra’s top recommendation:

    Step #6: Don’t Forget Gentle Sunscreen!

    Thus far, we’ve mainly focused on ensuring that your skin is well nourished and soft; however, there’s more to an effective skincare routine than this alone, and protecting your skin from the challenges of the environment is also crucial. As such, ensure not to forget gentle sunscreen to safeguard your skin against the dangers of ultraviolet (UV) light

    Be sure to choose a sunscreen product that will gently protect your skin as opposed to one that contains harsh chemicals. For instance, natural-based sunscreens can soothe your skin while providing effective protection.

    Pink Terra’s top recommendations:

    Korean Skincare Routines for the Night

    At night, your skincare needs change, and keeping this in mind can help you take the right steps for your skin. Of course, looking your best generally isn’t as important during the evening and while asleep, although keeping your skin nourished and hydrated is still vital. 

    Korean Skincare Routine: A Woman Using Gua Sha

    Remember: a lot of your skin’s daily healing occurs during the night while asleep, so ensuring that you are getting your skincare routines right during this time is vital to promote better restoration and rejuvenation.

    #1 Always Wash Your Face with Gentle Cleansers

    During the day, the skin of our face experiences a great deal of trouble, including harmful chemicals (from pollution, for many of us). In addition, for those of us who wear makeup, ensuring this is thoroughly washed off before going to bed is vital to prevent issues from arising with your skin.

    Indeed, leaving makeup and contaminants can potentially impact your skin’s health and vitality, including clogging up your pores and irritating the skin. This can lead to accelerated signs of aging, increased skin dryness, and the like.

    This is why your first step must be cleaning your skin with a gentle skin cleanser. Cleansing oils, in particular, help remove impurities without applying harsh chemicals that could damage your skin. A foaming cleanser can also be a good option here, helping remove nasty irritants from the skin without needing a significant amount of cleaning product.

    Pink Terras’s top recommendations:

  • Haruharu Wonder Black Rice Moisture Deep Cleansing Oil 
  • Anua Heartleaf Pore Control Cleansing Oil

  • #2 Use a Gentle Exfoliant 2-3 Times a Week

    Once your skin is clean, using a gentle exfoliant 2-3 times a week can be useful. Exfoliants help remove any dead skin cells accumulated on your skin's surface. They are also highly effective in promoting skin regeneration and restoration.

    An enzyme-based skin exfoliant or a very gentle exfoliating brush or mask are good options to help refresh your skin without causing damage to the healthy, young skin beneath the surface layer.

    #3 Repeat Your Morning Routine

    Once you have ensured your face is fully clean, it’s time to repeat your morning routine to help protect, nourish, and pamper your skin. Applying toner, serum, essence, and moisturizers can help soften and hydrate your skin, keeping it plump and new.

    In addition, many people also like to incorporate a gentle Korean overnight face mask into their routine. These help protect your skin from accumulating pathogens and impurities overnight while providing more continuous protection; as such, you can wake up refreshed and with a more youthful smile.

    These single-use masks are available both for your full face and just for specific regions, such as around the eyes; make sure to choose one that will wash away easily in the morning without needing harsh chemicals to remove it.

    Always Start With the Highest-Quality Skincare Products

    Following the right steps in your Korean skincare routine is hugely important to get the best results. However, there’s more to a great skincare routine than simply applying a few products and hoping for the best.

    Ensuring you’ve started with the highest-quality skincare products tailored to your specific needs is even more vital. Luckily, this is where Pink Terra can help.

    Our collection of premium quality cosmetics is carefully selected with quality and efficacy in mind, and we’ve divided our website into specific skincare concerns to help make finding the right product a little easier. 

    So, don’t chance it; head out to our shop, browse the offer, and start building a winning beauty routine!

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